solartonic Establishes Middle East Partnership

July 2017 – solartonic has signed an agreement with Energy International Corporation (EIC), appointing EIC as solartonic’s exclusive regional partner in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. EIC’s world headquarters is in Canton, Michigan, and it has 11 offices and facilities throughout the Middle East. EIC’s Dubai office will serve as an on-the-ground base to support the sale, delivery, installation, and 24/7 operations and maintenance of solartonic systems throughout the UAE and other countries in the region.

solartonic opens new London UK office

July 2017 – solartonic is excited to announce the opening of a new office in London UK. Solar Tonic UK, Ltd (“solartonic-uk”), is a subsidiary of Solar Tonic LLC in the USA and is focusing on sales and business development for solartonic llc global solutions in Europe, West Africa, and South Central and South East Asia. The global demand for solartonic’s high quality, high performance solar lighting and solar signage solutions continues to grow and solartonic UK is well positioned to service our growing global customer base.

solartonic Presents at Smart Cities Connect Expo in Austin

July 2017 – solartonic was one of just 20 companies around the nation chosen to participate in the innovation showcase at the Smart Cities Connect Expo in Austin, Texas, June 26-27, 2017.  The Smart Cities Connect Expo is the premier trade show where decision-makers from cities, states, corporations, and campuses convene to learn about top-tier solutions for smart, connected infrastructure. solartonic presented its solar smart pole solutions with high efficiency LED lighting, surveillance cameras, wi-fi, illuminated street signs, and digital display monitors for advertising, way-finding and public communications.

solartonic Completes Projects in Arizona

April 2017 – solartonic marked its entry into Arizona recently with the completion of two projects. The Winslow Indian Health Care Center, located 60 miles east of Flagstaff, installed our solarlume™ Regular+ poles as part of a new parking lot addition to the health care facility. The Gila River Indian Community,  located about 30 miles south of downtown Phoenix, installed a variety of our solarlume™ Regular+ poles, each tailored for its specific application in a new public park featuring a basketball court, roadway, canopied playground, parking lot and pathway lighting. As it does for all customers, solartonic provided its unparalleled and value-added engineering and commissioning services to ensure that what we manufacture and deliver meets all required customer specifications and lighting standards.

solartonic Participates in Next Energy Smart Cities Challenge

December 2016 – solartonic was one of just 10 companies chosen from among hundreds nationwide for a smart cities challenge pitch day in Detroit on December 8, 2016. solartonic presented its solar smart pole solutions for smart, connected infrastructure. The challenge and pitch day was sponsored by Next Energy, and highlighted cutting-edge companies that are accelerating connected, interactive and data driven solutions in advanced energy and mobility to address needs in urban areas. For more about Next Energy, go to

solartonic Awarded Patent for solarap™ Solar Module System

December 2016 – solartonic has been granted a utility patent from the USPTO for its core solarap™ solar module technology.  Patent no. US9577952B2 covers the method of manufacture, the final assembled product or system, and the method of integration onto poles and other vertical structures. In addition to the U.S. patent, solartonic has filed an International PCT and direct patent applications in countries worldwide representing our key global markets.